Have you got misaligned teeth and are you sick to death of thinking about it? Or are you past caring because there’s no way you’re going to wear fixed metal braces now that you’re not a teenager, so you’ve given up? Maybe you are keen to get started on finding out what can be done to make your smile even better. Whatever your thoughts about your smile, at Chelsea and Fulham, we have a treatment to realign teeth discreetly and effectively with Invisalign that should get you revved up and ready for a super smile. With so many benefits to having Invisalign in Fulham, we are proud to be able to offer a treatment that suits mild to moderate alignment issues.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is a leading brand name for clear plastic aligners which are bespoke fitted to your mouth using iTero scanning technology. You receive sets of aligners that apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them gradually into the desired position. You simply need to change your aligners on a weekly basis and have checkups every 6 weeks or so to get your next set of aligners and to allow your dentist to check your progress.

What are the benefits of choosing Invisalign in Fulham?

A quick answer to this question would be simply to say that Invisalign offers discretion for the wearer because they are virtually invisible when worn. Whether you’re a teenager hanging out with friends in school wearing Invisalign Teen – a specially designed range for young people – or an adult in the office wearing Invisalign, there can be no escaping the joy of wearing clear aligners that people don’t notice. It can increase your motivation to wear them as other people won’t notice that you’ve got the aligner on, so there should be less embarrassment about them, plus the aligners are less likely to impede your diction when you speak, compared with fixed metal braces, especially as the aligners are made-to-measure.

Other major benefits are being able to remove the aligners when you are eating and drinking so you don’t need to change your diet, as well as when you have a special occasion or a sport to play, for example. It is simply recommended you wear your aligners on average for 2 hours a day, allowing you plenty of flexibility. By removing your aligners to brush and floss your teeth, you can also maintain your oral hygiene routine.

As a platinum elite Invisalign provider at Chelsea and Fulham, we are also certified in supporting dental phobia patients. However, we hope that many patients will feel reassured by the plastic aligners; there is little to break with them, unlike metal braces with wires and brackets, and they do not need to be attached to the teeth. It is less invasive and results can be seen in as little as 12 months, although treatment times will vary depending on your specific needs.

Premium Invisalign Package

If you’re interested in finding out if we can help, you may also be interested to know that for as little as £49 a month, we off a Premium Invisalign package where we realign your teeth, brighten the teeth a cosmetic dental treatment and cosmetically neaten the edges of the teeth as well.

So, if you fancy smiling your best smile, no matter how you’re feeling right now, come and have a chat with our friendly staff and see if we can make you feel a whole lot better.