Our Botox in Fulham is administered by Dr Alexandra Day and is the targeted injecting of a muscle relaxant into clusters of facial muscles. This has the effect of ‘freezing’ them for four to six months. This localised paralysis reduces tension and therefore reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin injections have been approved as a safe treatment in the UK and have had widespread usage since 1989.

The bacteria sourced toxin is cultured in fermenters, like the brewing of beer, and is then filtered and packaged into vials for clinical use. The application needles used for application are very fine and the volume that is injected is less than a 10 millilitres for a whole treatment. The reported feeling is like a mosquito bite, almost undetectable with residual itchiness that soon passes.

There are several medications and conditions which are contraindicated with this procedure, so be sure to tell Dr Day your full medical history and of any current prescriptions before proceeding with safety.

Our wonderful Dr Alexandra Day is our rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry specialist; with her BDS from the University of Sheffield, augmented with further training in the use of and removal of dermal fillers, advanced application of botulinum toxin and the safe use of chemical peels.

Dr Day is committed to providing you with the highest standard of non-surgical cosmetics. She is one of the youngest clinicians in her field to become fully qualified in PDO threads implanting. When we don’t have the pleasure of her performing Botox in Fulham she teaches at the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, which provides training to medical professionals practising cosmetic treatments.

The primary focus of Dr Day is full facial rejuvenation and age-defying treatments. Not only in minimising wrinkles, but also reshaping and sculpting of the nose, cheeks and lips, as well as advanced dentistry.

Without major surgical intervention, she can perform pigment adjustments and eyebrow lifting.

Alexandra does more than applying Botox in Fulham She embodies the spirit of the clinic in forging a connection with our patients, ensuring that they are at ease and well informed. Sharing our passion for making our dental clinic a place that people will enjoy going to.

Her attention to detail and perfectionism have crafted some impressive yet subtle restorations, maintaining a natural appearance with the effective use of crowns, tooth whitening, veneers and clear aligners.

All our medical supplies are sourced via prescription, unlike the product sourcing in medical spas or beauty clinics, to give the highest level of protection to our patients against counterfeit products.

If you have any queries about Botox treatment please feel free to call us or email at any time.

The clinic is on the junction where Dancer and Fulham Road meet. There is a tube station, Parsons Green, within 5 mins walk and there is public parking.

During these uncertain times, we have started virtual consultations which allow us to discuss treatment options and decide if attending the clinic is appropriate whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.