Imran and I may live and work in the same places, but we seem to have very different ideas of our surrounding climates. It is not uncommon to see me on the sofa adorning 3 blankets, a hoodie, merino wool socks whilst he is literally strutting around in his summer gear. Since the installation of FOUR AIR CONDITIONING UNITS at work, I feel like the place is primed to store meat….he feels it’s ‘just right’.


How is this possible? Do I have zero blood circulation? Am I a vampire? It got me to thinking that we actually see this scenario almost everyday at work when people complain of tooth sensitivity.


Some people can eat an ice-cream and have no issues. For others, this is akin to toothy torture. Some find salvage in a hot cup of tea. Others would rather down room temperature lard than risk exposing their sensitive teeth to the heat.


Tooth sensitivity can be very debilitated to everyday life, especially when it prohibits you from enjoying your favourite foods and drinks. It occurs when the deeper layer of the tooth (dentine) that surrounds the nerve becomes exposed. Usually, enamel and gum cover the dentine, however, over time and alongside gum recession, abrasive brushing, gum disease, acidic food/drink, the dentine can be exposed and the tooth may become sensitive.


There are so many different ways to treat tooth sensitivity, and it all depends on the apparent cause. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your toothpaste! Think of your teeth like miniature Imran and Dahlias, each with their own internal thermometers. We are here to help you keep them all happy!

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Tooth sensitivity