Here, at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we are proud to offer our patients this treatment to help replace their missing teeth. Dental implants in Chelsea can be a great option for effective, long-lasting and natural-looking teeth replacement.

How does it all work?

Before we go into the advantages that come with getting this treatment from us, we will first have to explain a little bit about the process. During every step of the way, our fabulous team will take great care of you and make sure you receive great results.

Before we give you dental implants in Chelsea, we will have a consultation appointment with you. This will allow us to discuss the treatment in more detail with you, examine your mouth, take scans and more. It is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the treatment and decide whether you want to go ahead.

If you do decide to proceed with the treatment, we will begin by inserting the implant post into the desired area of the jaw by opening up the gums to expose the bone, inserting the post and closing the gum back up. We will then leave this to heal for a few months to create a very strong base for your crown. The crown is a tooth-shaped piece of porcelain that can be custom-made to match your other teeth. We will attach this to the implant post once the site has fully healed, and, after that, you will be good to go!

Simple process

The first advantage that you can enjoy when getting dental implants in Chelsea with us is the ease of the process. We can usually provide you with the implants within 3 appointments as mentioned above; this means that you can still get on with your life whilst undergoing treatment for your smile.

Preventing bone loss

Another thing that our patients love is that implants can help to prevent bone loss. This is helpful because, if teeth are missing, then the jawbone can weaken and degrade over time. Therefore, having implants fitted can stimulate the jawbone and encourage it to grow.

Natural appearance

Once we have attached the custom-made crown to your implant post, you will really see the difference that this treatment can make. It will look very similar to your other teeth, giving a natural look; this means that no one would even know you have an implant!

Long-term results

Another reason why we believe this treatment is so effective and popular is how long the implants last. With good care, the implants can last for up to 25 years, meaning that they are a very worthwhile tooth replacement option.

Easy to maintain

The last and main advantage of getting implants is how simple it is to look after them; all you need to do is simply brush and floss like you would with your natural teeth. There are no vigorous cleaning techniques required, and by doing those simple things, you can enjoy your implants for a long time!