Innovative dental technologies have seen remarkable dental alignment instruments entering the market. It is perhaps the modern orthodontic tools like Invisalign in Chelsea that have skyrocketed the demand for dental alignment treatments by adult patients.

With the bombardment of dazzling straight teeth splashed across television screens and social media selfies, many have caught onto the value of an aligned and aesthetically-pleasing smile. While there are a number of different treatment plans available for straightening teeth, the most appealing option for adult patients is the clear, removable aligners by Invisalign in Chelsea.

At Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, our dental practitioners encourage patients with orthodontic issues to consider a dental alignment treatment plan. Not only would patients receive a better-looking smile, but there are also plentiful benefits for mouth health and function. As a forward-thinking dental practice, we provide treatment plans that offer a high degree of success, including Invisalign in Chelsea.

In this post, we review some of the persuasive arguments that encourage patients to opt for Invisalign.

Top reasons for the appeal of Invisalign

There is no second guessing what the treatment plan will offer. Patients are provided with the results of their treatment plan before even beginning treatment. Thanks to the ground-breaking technologies used in Invisalign treatments, our dentist can present the patient with a picture of what their new smile will look like once the treatment plan has been completed successfully.

The near invisibility of the tray-based braces is much too difficult to ignore. The clear plastic material devoid of metal parts is mainly responsible for the outside world barely noticing that the patient is on an orthodontic treatment plan. This makes Invisalign a highly suitable choice for professional adults or anyone not wanting to disclose their dental alignment goals.

Moreover, without any metal components, Invisalign aligners are relatively more comfortable to wear, and this makes it easier and far quicker for patients to adjust to having a foreign object in their mouths.

Since Invisalign aligners need not be permanently fixed to the teeth, the trays are flexible enough to be removed and re-inserted into the mouth. Patients interested in Invisalign are most excited to hear that the aligners can be removed before eating, which makes it possible for patients to enjoy a more varied diet. Oral hygiene maintenance is also made easier, which saves patients time and energy.

While many patients will see the removability feature as a huge attraction, it must be remembered that the trays need to be worn in order for them to produce the desired results. Patients choosing this option will need to be mindful of wearing the trays for the prescribed minimum period, which is 22 hours a day for the majority of patients.

Patients who missed the opportunity to have their orthodontic issues addressed during childhood can now consider corrective treatment with the availability of modern braces like Invisalign. Schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist to take the first step to social and professional success with an attractive smile.