Invisalign Fulham stands out as a winner in teeth-straightening solutions and achieves remarkable results with very little fuss. The forward-thinking orthodontic system, which uses intuitive dental technologies, manages to achieve relatively fast and precise clinical outcomes to give patients a healthy and happy smile.

At Chelsea & Fulham Dentist, we can offer you Invisalign Fulham, a modern orthodontic system designed to get you smiling again. So, why not take the first step to a winning smile by scheduling a consultation with us? Need to know more about why invisible aligners are such a great choice? Read on.

Why it’s worth considering Invisalign Fulham

Ever since it entered the orthodontics market, invisible aligners have been distinguished as a viable option for those looking to obtain the benefits of straighter teeth. Straighter teeth are far from merely a cosmetic issue; teeth that are aligned properly prove to be easier to clean and keep healthy. As an aligner-based teeth-straightening system, invisible aligners offer the following benefits:

Versatile to treat multiple orthodontic conditions

These invisible aligners can be used successfully to treat large arrays of tooth and jaw problems, ranging from misaligned teeth to bad bites to gaps between teeth. Depending on the nature and severity of the patient’s situation, we will suggest all suitable orthodontic solutions that we believe will attain the patient’s goals.

Gentle on mouth structures

As the aligners are made from flexible medical-grade plastic, they sit comfortably on the teeth without irritating or poking into gums or other sensitive areas of the mouth.

Patients spend less time on appointments

One of the most amazing features of the aligner is that it produces the desired results based on intuitive technologies incorporated into its design. Every aligner is custom-made to specific dimensions, inching teeth closer into alignment with each one in the series. There is no need for follow-up appointments at the dental clinic to make manual adjustments to the aligner.

Patients are in control

It is up to the patients to keep on top of the aligner change schedule, putting the success and ultimate results in the patient’s hands. The patient will need to remember to re-insert the aligner when they remove it so that the aligner can continue to do its job.

Dental hygiene made simple and easy

Aligners can be removed from the mouth when brushing and flossing teeth. This feature makes the dental hygiene routine simple and easy. Patients should also remember to sterilise the aligners too. We can recommend appropriate tools and products to keep them clean and bacteria-free.

Barely distinguishable

Ask patients and they will all agree that the best part of this orthodontic system is that it is wonderfully discreet – no one can easily detect them when worn. This advantage makes the system highly attractive to those who want a low-key orthodontic solution.

Orthodontic treatments pave the way for healthy oral function which also benefits overall physical health. We, at Chelsea & Fulham Dentist, would like to help get you started by offering you modern orthodontic solutions that achieve a better and brighter smile.