It is a common tendency for many people to see visiting the dentist Fulham for a routine dental checkup as unnecessary, especially if they are not exhibiting any painful symptoms in their mouth. The problem, however, with many poor oral health conditions is that symptoms can go undetected by the patient, eventually resulting in problems that are expensive and complex to treat later on.

Patients do not have the expert knowledge nor are they properly equipped like a professional dentist Fulham to know what exactly to look out for to diagnose a potential problem. Symptoms like plaque build-up on the enamel are often missed by the patient and, if left untreated, can develop to form cavities leading to tooth decay and possible tooth loss.

Having your teeth and gums checked at the dentist Fulham is not only important for your dental health but offers surprising benefits for your overall health too. We take a look at some of the most important reasons to keep to your scheduled checkup appointments at Chelsea & Fulham Dentist.

Importance of dental visits

Early diagnosis of problems

The simple reason why dental practitioners encourage regular dental checkups is to keep an eye out for red flags that threaten the oral health of the patient. Early diagnosis of oral problems is an all-important factor in the successful treatment of the condition. Getting to it early ensures that the patient does not suffer needlessly from the progression of the issue. Furthermore, treatment will take a shorter duration and be less costly when compared to treating advanced oral conditions.

Prevent plaque build-up

It may be frustrating to accept, but there are places in the mouth where toothbrush bristles just cannot reach to get rid of bacteria and left behind food particles. This is why many patients, even those who are quite diligent in their daily dental hygiene obligations, find that they need a professional deep dental cleaning treatment to scrape off plaque or fillings to treat cavities.

Keep gums healthy

One of the more dreaded dental conditions is severe gum disease. This is because it can be a challenge to treat and often involves lengthy treatment plans. Keeping gums healthy by implementing preventive treatment, should any symptoms develop, is by far the best way to thwart gum problems.

Put a stop to bad habits

It is not just neglecting dental hygiene and consuming too much sugar that threaten the health and function of the mouth but a few bad lifestyle habits too. Smoking, grinding teeth and biting on hard objects like ice or bottle caps are just some habits to curb to maintain a healthy mouth.

By examining all the structures in the mouth, our dental team can check for damage to them that is a result of such habits and suggest ways to avoid these destructive behaviours.

At Chelsea & Fulham Dentist we have an experienced dental team of caring professionals who provide high-quality care so that your dental health (and your overall health) will be the best that it can be. Keeping a smile happy and healthy is essential to ensure that you make the most out of what life has to offer.