Does the thought of attending a dental check-up fill you with dread?

In the UK, many patients express concerns relating to dental treatment and aim to avoid check-ups when possible.

Sadly, this can lead to a worsening of dental symptoms and discomfort that is hard to ignore.

When you come to Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we will always provide you with a warm welcome and a non-judgemental approach. We are one of the few dental phobias certified practices in the UK and our dentist in Fulham is trained in how to help nervous patients feel more at ease in the dental chair. Perfect!

So, how does our dentist in Fulham help nervous patients feel more relaxed? Read on to find out!


At Chelsea and Fulham, we know that many patients who have a dental phobia or anxiety have been through a rough time with medical professionals. And so, our dentist in Fulham will always aim to be as welcoming and friendly as possible.

We will aim to help you overcome your phobia too, by allowing you to take the lead in appointments and enabling you to set the pace of treatment. We won’t judge, belittle or lecture you, so you can begin to feel comfortable about dental visits again.

The Wand

We know that many people who are worried about dental procedures are far from thrilled with the idea of needing injections to numb their gums.

As we are a dental phobia certified practice, we have aimed to remove needles from our practice and can offer the Wand instead of needles.

Pressed against your gum, this administering of local anaesthetic is painless and more focused, meaning you won’t have a numb jaw or sagging face for the rest of the day. Perfect!

Music or movie?

We are also able to offer you your choice of distraction from the work we are doing, should the noise of the surgery be a catalyst for your anxiety.

When you are in our chair, you have the choice of either listening to music via headphones or we can put one of your favourite movies on, allowing you a longer distraction if you are visiting for a more lengthy treatment like a root canal.


Many patients have had bad experiences in the past with dental moulds or even the process of holding their mouth open while dental professional checks for cavities; numb jaws hurt!

And so, we have invested in digital scanners to allow for a quick assessment of your mouth, whether it is part of a check-up or part of a restorative procedure.


Should you need a bit more help in relation to anxiety, we can offer you sedation.

While we will aim to find the most suitable one for you during your consultation, typically, we offer intravenous sedation and nitrous oxide (a.k.a laughing gas). With intravenous sedation, you will need someone to take you home afterwards and will need to refrain from driving for 24 hours post-treatment.