Based in South West London, Fulham is well known for having an upmarket residential area along with a bustling centre which is home to many high street shops, chic boutiques and amenities. Within Fulham, you can also access medical and dental care.

So if you are looking for a dentist why not visit our dental practice?

About us at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist

Our practice Chelsea and Fulham Dentist is a family run team of experienced dental professionals and we aim to provide to our patients the best treatment within all areas of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and dental procedures such as oral implants.

What to expect as a new patient at our practice

If you have not visited our premises before and are feeling a bit nervous, try not to worry, because at our practice we offer an initial examination for all our new patients, with the aim of finding out as much about you as possible, your dental concerns and how best we can help with your oral wellbeing.

We believe in listening to our patients and treating everyone who visits us as an individual which is why we offer as part of our initial examination our 10 stage consultation.

Firstly, our dentist Fulham will ask for your full dental and medical history before carrying out a thorough examination of teeth, gums and mouth. This is for our dentist to check your oral health and carry out an evaluation of your teeth along with identifying any previous dental treatment you may have had, such as existing fillings or prosthetic devices. Our dentist will also carry our screening for periodontal health and oral cancer screening along with taking both digital radiographs and photographs.

Your bite will also be analysed by our dentist before discussing your dental health goals (if any) and also providing you with advice in relation to preventive dentistry if you are not in need of dental treatment. In some cases, following your initial consultation, you may be recommended by our dentist Fulham to book an appointment with our hygienist.

Hygiene at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist

As mentioned earlier, during your consultation with us, our dentist Fulham will carry out a periodontal screening to ensure your gums are healthy and free from bacteria which if not treated can lead to gum disease. As part of a good oral regime, it is also recommended that you make regular appointments to see a hygienist. At our dental surgery we believe in the importance of good oral hygiene which is why we also have at our practice an experienced team of hygienists whose primary aim is to help our patients with their oral health and dental hygiene.

By using our advanced intraoral camera we are able to show you the current condition of your teeth whilst also talking you through any dental issues we may identify, so you are fully informed throughout.

Our hygienist will also carry out a professional clean of your teeth known as a ‘scale and polish’, using dental materials to remove plaque which has built up in areas of your mouth which are harder to reach through brushing and flossing alone.