Many moons ago, when I was but an impressionable trainee, my mentor bestowed upon me the wisdom that all dentists work differently and to never judge my peers. He would say, in his thick Scottish Accent; “ask 10 different dentists and you’ll get 10 different answers”.

I still often share these wise words with colleagues and patients alike – though I appreciate it’s not as dramatic in my boring London accent.

Sometimes, though, there are things we can all agree on; like the confusion when a patient covered in body art and intricate piercings is petrified at the mention of a dental needle. It’s yet to be satisfactorily explained, beyond doubt, how this can be possible.

What my mentor should have added though is to never judge my peers, or my patients for that matter!

Each time a patient surprises me like this, it’s a little reminder to myself that actually, I’m only confused because of my own preconceptions. As health care professionals, that deal with general and cosmetic dental concerns, I think it’s important to remind ourselves regularly of this and break down barriers.

That’s why every time we assess a patient at Chelsea and Fulham Dentist, we strive to go through every option available, with no discriminations or preconceptions.

So, for example, even if you are covered in the most detailed body art from head to toe, we will still discuss our ‘painfree’ dental options!

If this approach to dentistry sounds good to you, why not call our reception team to book a consultation on 02030801000 or book online here. Whether its general dentistry or a complete smile makeover that you are looking for, we are confident we can help.